The purpose of this personal website is to share technical works developed using the Mathematica, a component of the Wolfram Language.

My primary interests are model derivation/analysis and problem solving in the subject areas of physics and quantitative finance. In these areas, the generation of useful results often involves long, tedious calculations with operationally intense sequences of mathematical operations. I have found that Mathematica facilitates these operations. Mathematica possesses an astounding number of mathematical functions relevant to symbolic and numerical calculations and scientific visualization. Particularly important for me is Mathematica’s “notebook” framework which makes it possible to generate, record and annotate calculations in a manner that makes them easy to understand and repurpose, even after significant time had passed.

Although I have worked with a variety of computer languages – Fortran, C++, Lisp and various special purpose languages, Mathematica has become my standard computational tool. During the course of my scientific and financial careers, I generated many notebooks on a variety of topics and suspect some will be of interest to students and others.

I had hoped the technology for direct display of Mathematica notebooks on web browsers would have developed but it hasn’t. So, I make use of WordPress technology to share these works as downloadable pdf files as well as .nb Mathematica files.

Under the About tab, I provide more details of my technical interests and motivations. The Guidelines tab contains information that will help an interested reader gain access to the notebooks. Otherwise, the website is notebooks and discussion. I initiate the website with a collection of 50 or so notebooks on topics in physics, finance, and math and plan to add more over time. Notification of new notebooks will be displayed on the Blog tab.