Website launch

After much incremental learning, trial and error, and practice concerning WordPress, website design, and related issues – I am ready to launch this personal website. Most of the material in this initial release was originally implemented in a “developmental environment” on my local computer using a software system – DesktopServer by, a development tool that I highly recommend.

I initiate the website with a collection of about 40 Mathematica notebooks on topics in three main areas – Physics, Quantitative Finance and Math. Under tabs Home and About, I provide some background and discuss my intentions for this website. Under the tab Guidelines I provide some background to my Mathematica programming style as well as example notebooks that can be downloaded either as a pdf file and viewed or as a notebook file (.nb) and executed in your version of Mathematica.

If you want to make use of material on this website, you should follow the instructions on the Guidelines page and download the example notebook files to test that they successfully execute on your personal system. If the example .nb files don’t execute, none of the other specialized .nb files will either.

After some deliberation, I decided to not open this blog to comments. I simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the administration of spam, arguments, and flames I observe on other blogs. If you wish to comment please send me an email. When time and circumstances permit, I will respond.

I expect to be adding much more material to this site. When new notebooks are added or changes are made, I will provide notification in the form of a blog entry.